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Chevreux-Bournazel: La Parcelle 2014

Made of Pinot Meunier vinified on Bordeaux barrels. Straw color with a mild effervescence and a nice mousse in the glass. On the nose you get ginger powder, chichory root, blueberry, tamarillo cherry, dried banana, yellow raisin, madeleine biscuits a hint of fresh oregano and aloë vera.  There is an alcohol touch of something reminiscent

Selosse, Jacques: millésime 2005

Tasted November 2016 at Grand Tasting Paris. Tasted out of Riedel Riesling Grand Cru and Zalto Burgunder. Made of  100% Chardonnay. Very aromatic and smooth aroma of english orange marmelade, lemon peel, ripe jackfruit and pomelo, overripe mirabel plum, glue, fermented fruits, ginseng, candied ginger, typical Selossian oxidative notes,  green tea, sweet scented bedstraw and

Apollonis: vintage 1964

Made of 100% Pinot Meunier. Quite a youthful color for a wine that’s over 40 years The aroma is just fantastic with straw, black currant, old library, polishing wax, licorice, goose liver paté, forest floor and mushrooms, coffee and green gooseberries. It has a lovely concentrated but elegant mouthfeel. On the palate you get smoked

Rodez, Eric: Empreinte de Terroir Pinot Noir 2003

Made of 100% Pinot Noir. Copper gold color. Rich nose of ripe apricot, tamarind paste, polishing wax, apple sauce, quince, brioche and a touch of cognac. After swirling the glass you get candied ginger, cherry, prunes, earthy tones, bramble, blackberry and a hint of sea breeze, soft woody spices and dried flowers.  This is a

Brun, Roger: Cuvée des Sires 2006

Made of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. Light golden color with a modest effervescence. Very seductive nose of applecake, mocha, iron oat, graphite and yeast with overlaying gunpowder that reminds me of good times from my youth when I was playing with harmless fireworks. On the palate it is surprisingly citrus orientated with grapefruit

Brun, Roger: Cuvée des Sires 2000

I was happy to find this bottle in Belgium perfectly stored. Deep golden color with a modest effervescence and fat tears on the glass. Warm, romantic nose of candied peaches, prunes, dates with a hint of Port and barnyard. Very vinous and masculin mouthfeel. On the palate you get bakery yeast, raisin bread, chocolate, prunes,

Brun, Roger: Collection Familiale Oenothèque 2002

Disgorged February 2015. Light luminous golden color with a nice effervescence and gentle tears on the glass. The nose reminds me very much of Mumm Lalou 2002. It shows candied citrus, fresh figs, lychee, nougat, vanilla, hazelnut oil and mushrooms. This is probably the lightest wine that I’ve tasted from Philippe. The mouthfeel is playful

Lanson: cuvée Noble Brut 2002

[English] Made from 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir. Beautiful patinated gold color with very fine bubbles and fine tears in the glass. In the nose, we get beeswax, Burgundy Wood — despite vinification in stainless steel — a summer rain, sea breeze, candied cherry, Corinthian raisin, dried apricot, butter, pate d’amande, greengage and walnut. After some time we

Fallet-Dart: Millésime 2008

[English] Made of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir. Light golden color with very fine bubbles and soft mousse in the glass. In the nose, we get Asian Pear, peach, reinetteappel, apricot compote, blue berries, brioche and coconut cream. After some time in the glass, we get a mild smokiness, plantain, coriander, brioche and vanilla cream.

Henriet-Bazin: Brut Nature Millésime 2009

[English] Made of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. No dosage added. Light golden color with perfect streams of tiny bubbles. In the nose we get raisin bread, gingerbread, dried apricot, mace, pear, pepper, toasted bread and vanilla pudding. The attack was salty and tight but it expands to a generous mouthfeel. On the palate we