Voirin-Jumel: Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru (Zero dosage)

[English] Made of 100% Chardonnay. Lightgolden color with slightly some green en fine sparkle. In the scent: candied lemon, apricot, tart and yeast. Mouthfilling and creamy texture. Quite sweet of taste (but no liqueur added), yellow fruit with lemon, cake, honey and yeast. Medium long aftertaste with lemon and chalk. About 16 euro. [NL] Made
Rating category: 66-79

Voirin-Jumel: Brut Tradition

[English] Made of 30% Pinot Noir and 70% Chardonnay. Lightgolden color with quite impetuous small bubbles. The scent is onedimensional with citrus fruit, yeast and conference pear on the background. The texture is tickly. I taste citrusfruit and yeast, that’s all. The short aftertaste has slightly some minerality. About 17 euro. [NL] Gemaakt van 30%
Rating category: 50-65

Voirin-Jumel: cuvée 555

[English] Made of 100% Chardonnay. Lightgolden color with very small bubbles. In the scent: slightly musty apple, cinamon, candied peach and new oak. The texture is quite siruppy. I taste ripe Jonagold apple with yeast and a hint of oxidation. The aftertaste is short and has some vanilla and spiced cake. We were not impressed
Rating category: 66-79

Taittinger: Brut Réserve

[English] Foreword: Tasted in June 2011 at Taittinger Reims. It was the only cuvée we got to drink after hearing about 200 times the words “Comtes de Champagne” during the Guided visits of the cellars. They should at least have given a glass of Comtes 2000 to taste, because everyone is familiar with the Brut
Rating category: 50-65

Taittinger: Comtes de Champagne Rosé 1993

[English] Beautiful copper red color with refined sparkle. In the scent: rusted metal, slightly some strawberry and sherry. The taste was only sherry and yeast. Unfortunately a flawed bottle. 100 euro wasted. [NL] Prachtige koperrode kleur met verfijnde pareling. In de geur: geroest metaal, lichtjes aardbei en sherry. De smaak was een en al sherry
Rating category:

Taittinger: Comtes de Champagne 1989

[English] Blanc de Blancs, 100% Chardonnay. A beautiful dark golden Chardonnay color with very fine and long lasting sparkle. The aroma opens with calvados, a little chalk and wood. After airing the wine: blueberry in the sun, brioche toast and sun-dried hay. The taste is full again with calvados, toast, with hints of wood and
Rating category: 90-95

Taittinger: Comtes de Champagne 1986

[English] A beautiful dark golden Chardonnay color with  little sparkle.  An overripe smell was overwhelming with sherry and ammonia. The taste was sour apple juice with lots of sherry. This bottle was certainly not well preserved and had cork … A huge disappointment. It still remains a risk to buy wines on eBay. [NL] Ik
Rating category:

Mailliard, Michel: Mont Vergon

[English] Monocru of 100% Chardonnay. Light golden color with small bubbles and a vibrant mousse. The smell is lovely and rich with sweet yeast, Vertus Chardonnay, vanilla, quince, brioche and candied white fruits. The taste is also full, buttery and not too sweet. I taste candied yellow fruits, pear (doyenné du comice), almonds and figs
Rating category: 80-89

Mailliard, Michel: Cuvée Prestige

[English] 100% Chardonnay. Very light color with small bubbles and a vibrant mousse.  The smell is not complex: citrus fruits, yeast, typical Vertus Chardonnay, minerals. The taste is quite interesting with tropical fruitiness: kumquat, citrus fruits, honey, iodine, green vegetable with even some nettle. Medium bodied and the texture quite sticky but pleasant. The aftertaste
Rating category: 80-89

Legras, R&L: Brut

[English] Drunk in december 2010. Made with 25% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier and 50% Chardonnay. Light yellow color with rays of green. Nice bubbles and elegant mousse. Typical scent of citrus fruits, apple, minerality and brioche. The taste is refreshing and mineral but boring. There is too much suphite in the wine. It reminds
Rating category: 66-79