Brun, Roger: Collection Familiale Oenothèque 1996

Old golden with an elegant effervescence and fat tears on the glass. The nose is monumental with lots of yeast, leather, that typical dark scent of Italian Kentucky tobacco cigars, black truffle, bruised apples, prunes, dates, roasted coffee, burned nuts, caramel and a haze (just a tiny bit) of burning rubber tires. After swirling the

Brun, Roger: Brut Réserve Grand Cru (2014)

Base 2014. soft yeasts, ginger, red apples, dried raspberry, rye bread, candied orange, juniper berry and biscuits. After a while it shows blond tobacco and a haze of slate with rain water and algue. On the palate you get fresh blueberry, reinette apple, juicy plum, rye bread and bramble berry. The finish is long and

Brun, Roger: Brut Réserve (2013)

Base 2013. Lovely light golden color with fast rising small bubbles and a nice mousse. On the nose you get juniper berry, rosehip, peach, quince, lemon zest, chalk, yeast and Bollinger toast. After a while at warmer temperature it showed blueberry, bramble berry and oxidative notes that remind me of Bollinger Spécial Cuvée before their

Briard, Christian: Ambre 2009

Made of 70% Pinot Meunier, 5% Pinot Noir and 25%Chardonnay. Light golden color with a refined effervescence. On the nose you get bramble berry, blueberry, beeswax, gunpowder, fig, lilly and a complex minerality. The mouthfeel is silky and very concentrated. On the palate you get dark fruits with bramble berry, dark plum, fig, dates and

Roses de Jeanne: La Haute Lemblée (2007)

[english] Made from 100% Chardonnay. Light golden color with a modest effervescence. On the nose you get asparagus with beurre blanc, starfruit, grapefruit, ripe pear, reinette apples, marzipan, honey, hazelnut creme, mushrooms, silex, smoke and a delicate haze of forrest floor. The aroma stays compact. The mouthfeel is round and silky. On the palate it

Levasseur: Rue du Sorbier Nature

[English] Made from 80% Pinot Meunier, 15% Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and 5%. No added dosage. In the nose, we get a warm and deep aroma of bread, cocoa butter, apricot, Mirabelle plum, juicy Reine Claude greengage plum, liquorice, jasmine, orange blossom and gingerbread. After swirling the wine we get lemon curd, honey and baked pear. The

Poissinet: Héritage

[English] Beautiful golden color with a moderately refined effervescence and a lovely mousse in the glass. In the nose, we get carré confiture (apricot jam biscuit), yellow peach, brioche, lemon, roasted and caramelized hazelnuts, napoleon orange candies, linden blossom, apple and honey. After some rolls we get caramelized and white pepper. On the palate, we

Poissinet: Constance

[English] Made from 100% pinot meunier. Beautiful golden color with a moderate fine bubbles and fine mousse in the glass. In the nose, we get fig, apricot, yellow raisins, peach syrup, passion fruit with slight yeast and a tip of vanilla. The mouthfeel is soft but quite foamy. On the palate we get apple, apricot, fig,

Poissinet: Préambule

[English] Made from 100% pinot meunier. Light golden color with a moderate effervescence in the glass. In the nose, we get pastries, peach, apple, honey, apricot jam, milk chocolate with nuts, candied orange and pink pepper. After some time in the glass, we get cuberdon (candied raspberries). The mouthfeel is soft but lacks focus and

Lanson: cuvée Noble Brut 2002

[English] Made from 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir. Beautiful patinated gold color with very fine bubbles and fine tears in the glass. In the nose, we get beeswax, Burgundy Wood — despite vinification in stainless steel — a summer rain, sea breeze, candied cherry, Corinthian raisin, dried apricot, butter, pate d’amande, greengage and walnut. After some time we

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