Charlot, Vincent: L’Extravagant 2014

This wine is made of 95% Chardonnay and 5% Pinot Noir. Dosage: 3.5 g/l

This nearly Blanc de Blancs has a yellow golden color with fine bubbles. The nose is intense with dried flowers like violets and lavender, citrus fruit, algue, epicea resin, papaya, orange oil and the sweet scent of lobster. It is weighted, structured but also energetic. Quite exceptional. The attack is pure with citrus and leads to ripe pomelo, citrus honey, pear, a tangy touch of tamarind and lots of salinity on the mid palate. The finish is long with cookie dough, chocolates filled with rice crispies, salted caramel, pistaccio, verbena and even a hint of green chillies. What an extravagant wine this is! You love it or you hate it but I’m crazy about it.

Rating: 90 points