Dufour, Julie: Cléobuline (2016)

This wine is made of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. 3 grams of dosage.

Lightgolden color with bumbling bubbles, not elegant at all. The nose is rather dull and reminds me of crémant. There is generic yeast, fresh cheese, strawberry, fruit punch and maybe a hint of sea breeze. The mouthfeel is round but also sticky. It certainly missses depth and energy. On the palate we get charentais melon, pineapple syrup, kiwi, lemon and even some marseille soap and again the generic yeastiness. The finish is like lemon-cactus lemonade. There is no supporting acidity and no elegance. Julie Dufour is the sister of cult champagne maker Charles Dufour. Maybe next time he should give her a hand.

Rating: 54/100