Pertois-Lebrun: Le Fond du Bateau (2010)

100% Chardonnay from lieu-dit “Le Fond du Bateau” in Chouilly
Dosage: 1 g/l

Light golden color with very small bubbles. Very complex and layered nose of lychee, mangosteen, yuzu, unripe pineapple, the sweet scent of crab, gentian, candied angelika, mirr, coconut, vanilla, licorice and spicy wood overtones. The mouthfeel is structured, dynamic and flavors expand perfectly. On the palate you get ripe pear, candied ginger, quince, lychee and mild tones of Malaga raisins and licorice. Long finish with crystal clear acidity of citrus and gooseberry together with green cardamom, light tobacco, toasted brioche and very complex minerality with pronounced chalk. This wine is made in a more contemporary style and the partial ageing in oak gives a lovely smoky and a spicy character to it. I would pair it with Thai fried fish Pla Chon Lui Suan or Japanese glazed eel.

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