Pertois-Lebrun: Exaltation (2011)

100% Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs Grand Cru vineyards
Dosage: 2,5 g/l

The color is light golden with very small bubbles and nice tears on the glass. The nose is very seductive and “gourmand” with fat turròn almond delight, hazelnuts, dried apricots, prunes, candied orange, treacle tart, oatmeal, carob powder, roasted coconut, buttery green olives, calendula, Turkish delight and a hint of cognac. After a while it evolves to a sensation of all kinds of patisserie like croissants, frangipane, almond pastry, pine honey and brioche. After a longer while you get a hint of XO cognac. The mouthfeel is soft as butter. This is very retro-olfactive on the palate with a lot of autolytic pastry and yeasty flavors together with yellow raisins, dried fig, marzipan and hazelnuts. Fortunately there is still plenty of fresh fruit shining true like oranges, pear and golden apple. On the mid palate there is a lovely salinity. The finish is long with hazelnut, dried porcini mushrooms and light tobacco notes with mild citrus notes shining through. I would love to pair this with a creamy saffron risotto with cod fish. Best out of a larger wine glass. A lovely discovery!

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