Déhu, Benoît: Initiation

Made of 75% Pinot Meunier and 25% Pinot Noir. No dosage. Straw color with a lovely mousse and pinprick bubbles. The nose is fresh, airy and linear with crunchy apples, rhubarb, caraway seeds, orange with zest, white raspberry, kafir lime leaf, cactus juice, crispy pistolet bread, chinese white tea, smoke and a complex minerality. The aroma seems tight and compact out of Zalto white wine. The Riedel Veritas showed the true potential of this lovely wine with white peach, raspberry, redcurrant a delicate touch of smokyness and even more intense mineral complexity. After a long time you also get clover honey and pecorino cheese. The mouthfeel is just impeccable, crisp and with just enough body. On the palate you get crunchy apples, nashi pear, limetta and gooseberry with a drop of kombucha, a hint of brett and english licorice candy together with Selosse-like oxidative orchard fruits. On the mid palate you get a nice bitter touch of grapefruit and warm spices like mace and a hint of lovage. The finish is reasonably long and has lemon, gooseberry, dry crackers, white pepper and minerality. The acidity makes you crave another glass. This entry level wine from Déhu isn’t as rich and complex as La Rue des Noyers but it is a lovely seductive wine. I advise to open the bottle at least an hour in advance. A superb aperitif but why not try it with Thai food. Highly recommended

Rating: 86/100
Potential: 88/100