Bénard, Laurent: Vendange 2011

Made of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Pinot Meunier. Dosage 2 grams. Fruity nose of quince, blueberries, ripe pear together with sourdough, incense, green cardamom and a saline minerality. After a while in the glass Chatreuse spices like gentian and angel root came forward together with tropical overtones of papaya, passionfruit and warmth of clove and woody spices. The mouthfeel is structured and has quite some body. The attack is very  fresh with green notes of kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass followed by quince, peaches, pineapple, persimmon with fleur de sel and savoury pastry on the mid palate. The finish is long with smoke, lemon and spices. I would love to try this with clam chowder – a suggestion made by Belgian Champagne Ambassador Kristel Balcaen.

Rating: 83/100