R.H. Coutier: Henri III (2010-2009)

Made of 100% Pinot Noir from Ambonnay. Blend of vintages 2010 (60%) and 2009 (40%). Dosage 4 grams. Intense light golden color with a perfectly refined effervescence and nice tears on the glass. Complex and layered nose of blueberry, baked apple, wax, candied ginger, quince marmalade, orange chutney, angelica root, coconut slices, saucisson and crème brûlée with faint earthy overtones. After some more time in the glass, luxurious tertiary overtones of leather, truffle and game broth emerged. Fantastic! The mouthfeel is firm and vinous. On the palate you get baked apple, figs, quince, gingerbread and a hint of cognac. The finish is very long with beautiful acidity of apples and plums together with mild spices, toast, tobacco and a hint of rosemary in the far distance. Still young at the moment but it will age like a charm. Highly recommended.

Rating: 89/100
Potential: 92+/100