R.H. Coutier: Grands Vintages (2010)

Made of 75% Pinot Poir and 25% Chardonnay. 2010 base. Dosage of 6 grams.  Light golden with a refined effervescence and creamy mousse. Very fruity nose of crunchy apples and pears, cherry, bramble, cassis, a hint of Kirsch, sweet licorice, warm chalk and gravel tones, freshly baked baguette and a hint of lobster bisque with undertones of Bollinger-like yeasts and dried mushrooms. The mouthfeel has grip and coats your palate but the wine is medium of body, actually very elegant. On the palate you get baked apple, flambéed pineapple, quetsch plums, raspberry and a faint hint of VS cognac. The finish is long and reverberates baked apple, redcurrant and a hint of grilled citrus. With lots of air this champagne became so toasty! This is not the most complex R.H. Coutier I’ve tasted but it’s so utterly delicious. Very nice as an aperitif but also pairs well with cheeses like Cantal or Comté.

Rating: 85 points