Moutard: Climat de Champagne – Vignes Chiennes

Made of 100% Chardonnay from plot “Vignes Chiennes” of harvest 2014. 0.2 grams of dosage. Yellow golden color with a reflection of green with very fine bubbles. The first nose was like smelling a nice but young  Chablis Grand Cru with the typical wood and smoky tones. This wine opened up quite fast and showed ripe yellow apples, elderflower, pear liqueur, juicy red plums, starfruit, freshly baked gâteaux au beurre, dry nougat and cold salted butter with expressive overtones of old mimolette cheese and a complex Chablis-like minerality. After a longer while in the glass it showed honeysuckle, ripe Doyenné pear, malt, fresh peanuts and distellery aromas. Very recognizable Moutard. The mouthfeel is structured with lovely concentration, full bodied and nicely dry. On the palate you get red and yellow apples (fresh and caramelized), quetsch plums, Sicilian lemon, elderflower syrup, and a hint of fresh ricotta cheese and Greek yoghurt without being too lactic. There is a notion of mint and eucalyptus oil , artichoke juice and even a drip of pastis. On the mid palate there are umami flavors that balance the wine. The finish is long and very toasty with dry gingerbread, salted lemon, apples and a beautiful complex smoky minerality. You could pair this wine with a Bouillabaisse and even powerful cheese like Langres or Epoisses. Treat it like a Burgundy and drink it at 12°C. Recommended

Rating: 87/100