Grongnet: Carpe Diem extra-brut (2009)

Made of 70% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Meunier and 15% Pinot Noir of harvest 2009. Dosage of 4 grams. Golden color with platina reflections, a refined effervescence and fat tears on the glass. The first nose is quite reductive with latex boots and candle wax. After swirling the glass it gave some maraschino cherry and light honey. I did suspect a bit of cork taint because of the muted aroma. Fortunately giving the wine more air made it way more expressive. It showed pineapple, fig, goosefat, white tea, butterscotch and matured Chardonnay honey tones with a hint of sauternes and surprisingly a lovely chalky mineral complexity. After caraffing it was like smelling a garden with roses and mimosa, very elegant and seductive. The mouthfeel is soft like butter. On the palate you get pineapple, papaya, fig, rose oil, butterscotch, raisin bread and a very sweet score of amarena cherry, orange Napoleon candy, apricot with creme fraiche and meringue. Suddenly – out of nowhere – it becomes very dry, like an instant cut in the flavor profile. Fortunately it segues into an intense finish of lemon with pith and zests with a hint of lime. I found this a very peculiar champagne but I did like it. If I had this blind I would have thought of a Chardonnay from vintage 2001 that has been aged at least 8 years sous-liège under cork. Although the cork was completely cheville (straight) this wine had only maximum 5 years of ageing under cork. I would love to taste older versions of this wine, it certainly woke my interest. Recommended for amateurs of vieux vins.

Rating: 86/100