Gosset-Brabant: Gabriël 2008

Made of 85% Pinot Noir from Aÿ and 15% Chardonnay from Chouilly. Light golden color with a perfect effervescence and soft mousse. Rich, noble and exciting nose carried by the Pinot Noir with bramble berry,  guava, white bread, freshly mown cereals, marzipan and lovely floral overtones of almond blossom and hawthorn. After a while it became more earthy and also showed lovely iodine  sea salty tones and walnut oil with mild autolytic overtones. Quite exceptional. The mouthfeel is very elegant with lovely concentration and depth. On the palate you get greengage plum, bramble berry, and blackberry. On the mid-palate there is smoked bell pepper with a hint of coriander seeds. The long finish has citrus oil, honeycomb, a sniff of rosemary and an almost woody smokiness. Strangely enough there is no wood involved. The balance is just perfect with an acidity that makes you crave another glass. It’s very William Deutz in style and quality but the price tag is way more interesting. The sensual Gabriël 1999 and  truffle bomb 1998 are among my absolute favorite champagne discoveries. This 2008 is already very accessible and delicious but it will only get better with age. Highly recommended

Rating: 93/100
Potential: 94/100