Vincent Brochet: Espionne 2002

A less known but truly great producer in Ecueil is Vincent Brochet (formerly Brochet-Hervieux). They don’t use any herbicides, let the grass grow and use so-called atomizers in the vineyard. Their flagship wine “Espionne” from the great vintage 2002 is made of 50/50 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and has been aged for over 10 years on the lees. The aroma is intense, deep and roasted with fried onions, tobacco, dark cherry, prunes, café noir biscuits, seared meat, mustard seeds, carob, tamarind, rain in the forest with humus, lokum, tamarind and chocolate with mint. This wine is vinous, bold and feels almost a bit tannic. On the palate you get toast, peach, stewed pear and old armagnac. A long finish leads you to tobacco, truffle and nutmeg supported by apple and pear. Not as complex as what the nose suggested but oh so delicious. This wine is made to be paired with rich dishes like pheasant with cream cognac sauce and morel mushrooms.

Rating: 91 points