Alexandre Filaine: Sensuüm Vertigo 2011

Made of 55% Pinot noir, 30% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Meunier. In the glass you get a lovely light golden color with an elegant effervescence. The nose starts off rustic with straw, cheese wax followed by blueberry, poire william, forrest strawberries, raw ham, mimolette and a complex iron and magnesium-like minerality. The mouthfeel is elegant with lots of concentration and depth. On the palate it shows a nice fruit spectrum with blueberry, elderberry, forrest strawberries, physalis and lovely overtones of toast and salt crackers on the mid palate together with lovely sweet notes of grapes and peach. On the finish you get a lovely intense salinity, licorice and pepper that spices it up. All packed up with lip smacking acidity and mild woody overtones. I would love to taste the 2008.

This domaine in Damery (Montagne de Reims) is owned by Fabrice Gass. The wines got my attention via Australian friends where the wines are quite popular. It’s not organic certified but they restrict the usage of chemicals. All wines made in the old-school method using oak barrels, no filtering and with natural yeasts. The first wine I tasted Cuvée Spéciale was letting me a bit down but the cuvée Sensuum Vertigo vintage 2011 definitely made up for that, I love it! A grower to follow.

Rating: 87/100
Potential: 89/100