Moutard: Climat de Champagne – Richardot

Made of 100% Pinot Noir. Dosage 3 g/l. Deep golden color with a refined effervescence and nice tears on the glass. On the nose you get horse stables, Krug-like incense, wax, sandalwood, natto (fermented soy), umeboshi, humus, pebble rocks, resin, popcorn with salt, cake, persimmon, tamarind, forest fruits and honeysuckle. Very rustic but also complex and mineral driven. Here everything comes together with a wealth of nuts such as hazelnut, paranut and pistacchio, Beaufort cheese, manuka honey, chestnuts and white truffle. I had to taste this out of a huge (70 cl) Burgundy glass. It showed a lot of old Meursault characteristics with toffee, butterscotch, orange marmelade, white chocolate, rich French pastry and tertiary notes of leather, bouillon of beef and old library. The mouthfeel is like liquid velours with lots of concentration and depth. On the palate you get mirabelle plum, orange marmelade,  lemon curd, cured ham, very ripe papaya and unripe kiwi with yeasty notes. This wine is alive and keeps evolving on the nose and the palate. The finish is smoky, has a fantastic acidity of yellow fruits and warm woody spices. This is Moutard’s magnum opus. I like to call it “Le Richardot” because it is a truly great wine!

Rating: 92 points