Moutard: Climat de Champagne – Les Perrières

Made of 100% Pinot Noir. Dosage 3 g/l. Lovely patinated light-golden color with a refined effervescence and soft mousse.  Very interesting aroma of raspberry, French boudin blood sausage, nettles on humid forrest floor and a distilled character of Gin with juniper berry, angelika, grains of paradise and an amazing floral aroma of capsaicin that you obtain when you slice a Bhut Jolokia chili pepper. After swirling the glass it showed whisked egg white, ripe mangosteen, mint and a complex smoky minerality with flint. Very nice indeed. Lovely mouthfeel with concentration and soft foil on your lips. On the palate you get ripe Nashi pear, raspberry, lingonberry, orange and a reflection of the nose with the distilled character of gin and even a hint of armagnac and mild chili flakes. Long finish with dynamic acidity, nutmeg and blonde tobacco. This wine is distinguished, complex and fun to drink as a stand-alone or with a dish like Red perch with bulgur, yogurt with chermoula, orange and a cardamom vinaigrette.

Rating: 86 points with 87 potential