Moutard: Rosé “Dame Nesle”

Made of 100% Pinot Noir with cuvaison rosé method. Dosage 10 g/l. Intense light coquelicot red color with a very refined effervescence. Complex nose of pink pepper corns, dried wild forest berries, red cherry, tomato ketchup, pomegranate, elderberry and lemongrass. Swirling the glass reveals spices like asafoetida, kurkuma, dried lavender and dried ginger powder together with fresh oyster juice and almond milk. Very masculin in style. The mouthfeel is rich with lots of finesse and structure. On the palate you get redcurrant, red cherry, cranberries, lavender and a sour cherry tomato. It is very dry but the fruit keeps expanding and leads to a fabulous lemandarin, lemon grass and cranberry acidity with complex spices. Very long finish. This wine begs for barbecued sardines or mackerel.

Rating: 87 points