Chevreux-Bournazel: Le Boucq 2013

Made of Pinot Meunier vinified on Burgundy barrels. Lovely patinated gold color with red reflections and a soft effervescence.   Lovely fruity nose of peach, pineapple, fig and mild pastry notes with delicious overtones of lychee and maraschino. Riesling petroleum, pear, English licorice candy, chalk and pecorino. The wood is beautifully integrated, lightly smoked and very elegant.  The mouthfeel is structured and full. On the palate you get pineapple, lychee and lemon. Lovely finish with white currants, sour apple, kampot pepper and a dark minerality. This wine evolves a lot with time, opening long in advance is a must. Lovely with cheeses.

Rating: 88 points with 89 potential