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Blin, Maxime: Millésime 2002

[English] Made from 100% Pinot Noir. Beautiful golden color with fine bubbles. The nose starts with oyster juice and beach sand and quickly becomes wider with applesauce, yellow fruit fermented, salted caramel, flowery honey, linden blossom, butter and a hint of resin. After a little longer in the glass we get some meat and plum

Blin, Maxime: Rosé de Saignée

[English] Made from 100% Pinot Noir with saignée method. A nice copper red color with refined effervescence and a soft mousse. In the nose we get a very seductive blend of cherries, dried wild strawberry, sugar pastry, violets, rose hip, with orange zest, cream and undertones of  speculoos and rye bread. After a little longer in

Blin, Maxime: cuvée Maxime

[English] Made of 1/3 Chardonnay, 1/3 Pinot Meunier and 1/3 Pinot Noir. Beautiful golden color with light reddish, very delicate sparkle and beautiful tears in the glass. In the nose we get a Romantic aroma of yeast cheese “paysage” reminiscent of Beaufort, very ripe citrus fruit, gun powder, wax, French bakery, buttercream, almonds and raisins with

Blin, Maxime: Carte Blanche

[English] Made of 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir. A deep golden color with fine bubbles and a lot of mousse. In the nose we get a warm aroma of fermented apple, straw, blackberries, limestone, nice minerality and a tip of cassis. The mouthfeel is intense yet soft but at the end a little syruppy.