Category: Mercier, Alain

Mercier, Alain: cuvée Lucien

[English] Made from 80% Chardonnay and 20% Meunier. Light golden color with fine bubbles. In the nose we get a spicy wood character of turmeric, fennel seed, caraway, coriander seed and a tip of clove followed by ripe fruit such as: white peach, banana, mango, a hint of sharon fruit followed by lovely mineral accents
Rating category: 80-89

Mercier, Alain: Millésime 2007

[English] Made of 100% Pinot Noir. Golden color with vivid effervescence that becomes elegant after a short amount of time. Remarkable nice tears in the glass. On the nose: bakery yeast, acacia, tropical fruits (lychee, baked pineapple), browned butter, fried oignon, hay in the sun and wheat on a base of bruised apple. After airing:
Rating category: 80-89

Mercier, Alain: cuvée Emile

[English] Made of 100% Pinot Meunier. Lovely yellowgolden color with refined, consistent effervescence. On the nose: custard, ripe yellow fruits, citrus and honeysuckle. Slight vinous mouthfeel. The attack is bizarre with slate and bitter juniper berry. On the palate we get honeyed peach, citrus fruits and a haze of strawberry, blueberry and quasi silex smokyness
Rating category: 66-79

Mercier, Alain: Prestige

[English] Made of 100% Chardonnay. Nearly peachy color with quite impetuous which becomes elegant after a short period of time. The aroma is rich and matured with: warm bakery yeast, brown butter, yellow fruits marmelade, quince, raisin rhum and some pear liqueur. The base of the aroma is very floral with apple blossoms, hawthorn and
Rating category: 80-89