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Brun, Roger: Rosé Romance (base 2013)

Base 2013. Made of 100% Pinot Noir. Very special amber almost rusty color. Lovely nose of dried roses, sun dried tomatos, pomegrenate, forest strawberry liqueur, black pepper, crunchy baked baguette, new leather. The mouthfeel is focussed and vinous. On the palate you get crunchy pear, cherry, the leather from the nose and a bitter touch

Brun, Roger: Rosé Romance (base 2010)

Made of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier. Macerated 1 day. Intense grenate pink color with a refined effervescence.  Playful nose of raspberry, redcurrant, blood orange, candied red paprika and a touch of rosehip. After swirling the glass you get gunpowder and cooked ham. Medium bodied with a silky mouthfeel. On the palate you

Brun, Roger: Cuvée des Sires 2006

Made of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. Light golden color with a modest effervescence. Very seductive nose of applecake, mocha, iron oat, graphite and yeast with overlaying gunpowder that reminds me of good times from my youth when I was playing with harmless fireworks. On the palate it is surprisingly citrus orientated with grapefruit

Brun, Roger: Cuvée des Sires 2005

Golden color with a modest effervescence and fat tears on the glass. The aroma is very interesting with yeast, offal of beef, blood, toasted hazelnuts with salt, apricot, pear, prunes and a sweet touch of Sauternes-like. It is surpisingly elegant on the palate with refined yeasts, hazelnut oil, apricot, a touch of pouriture noble, plums

Brun, Roger: Cuvée des Sires 2000

I was happy to find this bottle in Belgium perfectly stored. Deep golden color with a modest effervescence and fat tears on the glass. Warm, romantic nose of candied peaches, prunes, dates with a hint of Port and barnyard. Very vinous and masculin mouthfeel. On the palate you get bakery yeast, raisin bread, chocolate, prunes,

Brun, Roger: Collection Familiale Oenothèque 2002

Disgorged February 2015. Light luminous golden color with a nice effervescence and gentle tears on the glass. The nose reminds me very much of Mumm Lalou 2002. It shows candied citrus, fresh figs, lychee, nougat, vanilla, hazelnut oil and mushrooms. This is probably the lightest wine that I’ve tasted from Philippe. The mouthfeel is playful

Brun, Roger: Collection Familiale Oenothèque 1996

Old golden with an elegant effervescence and fat tears on the glass. The nose is monumental with lots of yeast, leather, that typical dark scent of Italian Kentucky tobacco cigars, black truffle, bruised apples, prunes, dates, roasted coffee, burned nuts, caramel and a haze (just a tiny bit) of burning rubber tires. After swirling the

Brun, Roger: Brut Réserve Grand Cru (2014)

Base 2014. soft yeasts, ginger, red apples, dried raspberry, rye bread, candied orange, juniper berry and biscuits. After a while it shows blond tobacco and a haze of slate with rain water and algue. On the palate you get fresh blueberry, reinette apple, juicy plum, rye bread and bramble berry. The finish is long and

Brun, Roger: Brut Réserve (2013)

Base 2013. Lovely light golden color with fast rising small bubbles and a nice mousse. On the nose you get juniper berry, rosehip, peach, quince, lemon zest, chalk, yeast and Bollinger toast. After a while at warmer temperature it showed blueberry, bramble berry and oxidative notes that remind me of Bollinger Spécial Cuvée before their

Brun, Roger: Réserve Familiale Œnothèque 2000

[English] Beautiful golden color with very refined effervescence. The nose is deep and bombastic with dark prunes, old currants jam, citrus, smoke, tobacco, matured cheese, toasted brioche, roasted honey … I’m so shocked that I lost all focus. I know this wine very well but this is a different disgorgement: May 2013. Describing the flavors