Category: Gosset

Gosset: Célébris 2002

[English] Made from 52% Chardonnay and 48% Pinot Noir. Beautiful golden color with platinum hue, extremely fine bubbles and fat tears in the glass. Dosage of 5 grams. In the nose, we get sparklers fireworks, incense, apricot, lokum, quince, boating, green stems, corncob fried in butter, crackers, ripe pineapple and star anise. The mouthfeel is

Gosset: Millésime 2004

[English] Made of 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir. Dosage of 8 grams. Light golden color with greenish reflections, delicate sparkle and quite beautiful tears in the glass. Beautiful nose of boskoop with honey, honeysuckle, white lily, mushroom, lemon, unripe plum, passion fruit, vanilla and brioche. After some time in the glass came cooked strawberry

Gosset: Grand Blanc de Blancs

[English] Made from 100% Chardonnay. Dosage of 9 grams. Beautiful light straw color with fine bubbles and soft mousse in the glass. In the nose, we get apple with apple blossom, rainwater, mirabelle, white flowers, narcissus, chalk and iron. The mouthfeel is soft and easy-going. On the palate we get Cox’s orange pippin apple, light

Gosset: Grand Rosé

[English] Made from 58% Chardonnay and 42% Pinot Noir. Salmon pink color with fine bubbles and a light mousse in the glass. Very light aroma of currant, forest strawberry, liquorice, balloon rubber, elderflower and fresh pomegranate. Rather uninformative. After some time in the glass came sugared rose petals and a hint of raspberry sorbet, The

Gosset: Grande Réserve

[English] Made of 43% Chardonnay, 42% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier. Dosage of 9 g.  Light golden color with refined effervescence and a nice mousse in the glass. On the nose we get dry earth, gunpowder, sour apple, pear, peach, vanilla cream, rosehip and some pie dough along with generic yeasts. The mouthfeel seems

Gosset: Millésime 2000

[English] Drunk in April 2011.  Made with 44% Pinot Noir  and 56% Chardonnay. Nice golden color with refined pearls. In the scent: apple, oxidation (in style of calvados), grape and breadcrust. I taste mainly ripe apple, calavados, a little bit of toast, almonds and nice acidity. The aftertaste is liqueurous but I preferred the texture

Gosset: Grand Rosé

[English] Drunk in January 2010. Made with 44% Pinot Noir and 56% Chardonnay. Salmon color with fine consistent bubbles. In the scent: peach, nuts, brioche bread, toast, liqueur and woodland berries. The attack is vinous like drinking a sparkling red Bourgogne. I taste candied fruit, gingerbread, apricot, some red fruit (especially raspberry) but on the

Gosset: Grande Reserve

[English] Drunk in Februari 2010. Made with 44% pinot Noir, 10% Pinot Meunier and 46% Chardonnay. This is one of my favorite champagnes. The bottle is a delight to see. Light golden color with very small pearls. When you open the bottle you smell a garden of flowers, freshly mowed grass, blackberries, cherries and cardamom

Gosset: Brut Excellence

[English] Drunk in February 2009. Made with 45% Pinot Noir, 13% Pinot Meunier and 42% Chardonnay. Straw yellow color and elegant pearls with nice mousse. Delicious aroma of tropical fruit like mango, pineapple, caramel and butter. Also some floral notes and almonds. Full taste: peach, butter, pepper, cinamon a touch of vanilla and caramel. The