Category: Vazart-Coquart

Vazart-Coquart: Spécial Club 2006

[English] Beautiful golden color with pinprick bubbles. At first this wine seemed rather closed with sharp minerality and unripe fruit but after a short time this champagne  flourished with plum, young peach, apple, nougat, apple blossom, brioche, refined yeast and chalk. After some airing (and warmer temperature),  some orange blossom came forward with a mild spiciness.
Rating category: 80-89

Vazart-Coquart: Grand Bouquet (2007)

[English] Light golden color with refined bubbles and creamy mousse. In the aroma: brioche, Mirabelle, pear, apple blossom and lime with very light minerality. The mouthfeel is quite creamy. In the taste we get apple with peel, lemon, gooseberry, floral accents and a slight noterigheid. In the middle pallet there is some kiwi together with
Rating category: 66-79

Vazart-Coquart: cuvée Camille

[English] Light golden color with refined effervescence. Quite a superficial aroma of sabayon, appel, yeast, apple blossoms and camomile. The mouthfeel is pleasant. In the taste we get apple, peel of citrus, floral accents. The finish is quite long but gives an unpleasant burning sensation with reverberating bitter almond oil. It lacked balance, acidity and supporting
Rating category: 50-65