Category: Pannier

Pannier: Egerie 1989

[English] Gold color with microscopic bubbles and nice thick tears in the glass. Lovely nose of polvorones, candied apricot, speculoos biscuits, oyster mushrooms, white chocolate, rum, poached pear, Corinthian raisin and white pepper. The mouthfeel is soft. The attack is a bit uninteresting but is soon followed by delicious royal jelly, sourdough, plum, fig, glazed
Rating category: 90-95

Pannier: Rosé Velours

[English] Beautiful garnet red color with delicate effervescence. A first perception of the aroma showed fresh leather, woodland strawberry freshly cut, slight petrol and wallpaper paste .. but after airing this became extremely sexy with raspberry, lychee, pomegranate, guava and an indefinable complex but mild spiciness. After a longer time in the glass a hint of
Rating category: 90-95