Category: Princier, Achille

Princier, Achille: Grand Art

[English] Made of 50% chardonnays and 50% pinot noir. Light golden yellow colour, wild mousse, frothy sparkle that quickly disappears. Almost no nose. Extremely light tones of dominating honey, with some beer yeast, citrus, yellow raisins, artichoke juice, and alcohol. Mouthfeel is far too sharp. Flavours of industrial strawberry jam, yeast, mashed potatoes, and biting oxalic
Rating category: -50

Princier, Achille: Rosé

[English] Salmon rose with copper tones, exuberant mousse that quickly turns into a pitiful sparkle. Tenuous, flat nose of cooked strawberry, cranberry, algae, yeast, and tones of minerality like lime and cement. The aggressive acidity translates into an unpleasantly sharp mouthfeel, with only hints of red fruit and citrus as primary flavours. Aftertaste was medium+
Rating category: -50

Princier, Achille: Brut

[English] Beautiful golden robe, impressive sparkle that quickly diminishes. Remarkable but unbalanced nose of predominantly sultanas, with baker’s yeast, apple and applesauce, pineapple, yellow fruits, candy sugar, alcohol, and some spices. Some buttery tones evolve with time, and the nose acquires pleasant notes of raisin bread and pastry. Mouthfeel is watery, unbalanced, and lacks acidity
Rating category: 66-79