Category: Barnaut, Edmond

Barnaut, Edmond: Rosé Authentique

[English] Made of 100% pinot noir. Beautiful orange-pink color with very fine bubbles. In the nose, we get cherry, cherry candy, sulphur match, yeast, dried plum, baked fennel, orange peel, smoke and even some game stock. The mouthfeel is full yet dynamic. On the palate we get cherry, smoked paprika, ham, guava and pomegranate. On
Rating category: 80-89

Barnaut: Blanc de Noirs

[English] Made of 100% pinot noir. Beautiful light golden color with orange reflections and a soft, delicate sparkle. Beautiful pastoral aroma of yeast, pasture, cane, rapeseed honey, dried flowers, iris, raspberry, lemon, mushrooms and smoky wood tones. The mouthfeel is deep yet focused. On the palate we get apple, blackcurrant, raspberry, currant and some mint.
Rating category: 80-89

Barnaut: Millésimé 2000

[English] A golden color with fine bubbles. The aroma  is incredible…truffle, mushrooms, redcurrants, mirabel plum, citrus fruits, toast, a bit of butter and liqueur. The taste is mature and delicious with earthy undertones, a mouthfilling, silky texture and still a great freshness inside. The finish is warm and fruity and it lasts for minutes! A
Rating category: 90-95

Barnaut: Cuvée Edmond 2006

[English] A light golden color with perfect mousse and very tiny bubbles. I smell gunpowder with roasted bread, Granny Smith apple, ripe yellow fruits and citrus aroma, with a beautifully balanced hint of red fruits. The taste is well balanced, with excellent Pinot Noir that gives the right “puissance” and rounded character. Filled with toast
Rating category: 80-89