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Ruinart: l’Exclusive de Ruinart

[English] Tasted blind (I knew that it was Ruinart, but no clue what wine they had presented me). Made of 100% Chardonnay.  This is a blend of different vintages going back to the year 1904. Golden color with very fine bubbles and fat tears in the glass. On the nose: herbal/green notes, oyster, heavy Burgundian Chardonnay
Rating category: 95+

Ruinart: Dom Ruinart 1993

[English] «Reviewed by Michiel Demarey & Ed Hodson» Made of 100% Chardonnay. Deep golden color, with multiple streams of refined bubbles. At first the wine smelled slightly maderized, but fortunately those notes quickly dissipated. We were lucky! The aroma is warm with candied yellow fruit, fine butterscotch, a pinch of Sauternes, coconut, sweet almonds and smokiness,
Rating category: 90-95

Ruinart: «R» de Ruinart 1995

[English] Made of 58% Pinot Noir and 42% Chardonnay. Golden color with extremely fine sparkle that doesn’t restain long. In the scent: apple sirop (Liège), pear, dried fig, rhum raisin, gingerbread, yeast and typical Ruinart gunpowder. The texture is tickly and refined. In the attack we find sweet melon. It tastes like a fine but
Rating category:

Ruinart: Dom Ruinart 2002

[English] Made of 100% Chardonnay. A yellow golden color with perfect effervescence. In the aroma: lemon, grapefruit, Granny Smith apple, gunpowder, butter, jasmine and delicate yeast. The texture is vinous and creamy. Medium bodied. The attack is refreshing. On the palate: apple, pear, coconut, brioche, white flowers and a touch of yeast. It shows similarities
Rating category: 90-95

Ruinart: Dom Ruinart Rosé 1998

[English] Made of 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir. Light copper red color with refined effervescence. The aroma is meaty with strawberry, cooked berries, violet, cumin and yeast on a base of ripe citrus fruits. The texture is silky (I would have loved it to be more meaty in texture). Medium bodied. On the palate
Rating category: 80-89

Ruinart: Dom Ruinart 1998

[English] Made of 100% Chardonnay. Lightgolden color with refined effervescence. In the aroma: caramelized apple, ripe yellow fruit, citrus fruits, acacia honey, smokeyness, yeast and (typical Ruinart) gunpowder. The texture is vinous and slightly creamy. On the palate: bakery yeast, honey ,tangerine, lemon, slightly toast with an excellent touch of minerality. Unfortunately the finish is quite short showing: caramel,
Rating category: 80-89

Ruinart: “R” (2005)

[English] Degorgement 2005. Made of 48% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier and 47% Chardonnay. Golden color with refined sparkle. Warm scent of ripe red apple, pear, crême brulée, orange blossom, sirop de Liège, yeast and gun powder. In the taste: candied orange, apple, yeast, nectar, butterscotch and cognac. There is some oxidation noticable but it
Rating category: 90-95

Ruinart: Rose

[English] Drunk in June 2011. Made of 40% Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier 10% and 50% Chardonnay. Golden red color with fine bubbles. In the scent: gingerbread, sweet yeast, raspberry and black currant. The taste is very yeasty with a vinous texture and very fruity with woodland strawberry and redcurrant. The finale is moderately long with
Rating category: 80-89

Ruinart: Blanc de Blancs

[English] Drunk in May 2011. Made of 100% Chardonnay. Very light color with very small bubbles. In the scent: butter toffee, orange blossom, lemon, minerals and a little bit sulphur. In the taste: lemon, unripe apple and some yeast. Not full bodied. The aftertaste is nervous and has a bitter edge. We were not impressed.
Rating category: 66-79

Ruinart: “R”

[English] Drunk in May 2011. Made of 48% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier and 47% Chardonnay. Light golden color with lots of bubbles. Complex aroma of gunpowder, sweet yeast, vanilla, anise, young cheese, a little bit sulphur and toast. When I gave the wine more air I smelled overripe apple. The taste starts (strangly enough)
Rating category: 80-89