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Mailliard, Michel: Mont Vergon

[English] Monocru of 100% Chardonnay. Light golden color with small bubbles and a vibrant mousse. The smell is lovely and rich with sweet yeast, Vertus Chardonnay, vanilla, quince, brioche and candied white fruits. The taste is also full, buttery and not too sweet. I taste candied yellow fruits, pear (doyenné du comice), almonds and figs

Mailliard, Michel: Cuvée Prestige

[English] 100% Chardonnay. Very light color with small bubbles and a vibrant mousse.  The smell is not complex: citrus fruits, yeast, typical Vertus Chardonnay, minerals. The taste is quite interesting with tropical fruitiness: kumquat, citrus fruits, honey, iodine, green vegetable with even some nettle. Medium bodied and the texture quite sticky but pleasant. The aftertaste

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