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Krug: Grande Cuvée (2005)

Made of 134 wines from 12 different years with youngest wine 2005 and oldest 1990. Light golden color with a little reflection of green and a very refined effervescence. The nose is very complex and luxurious with typical incense-like Krug smoke, bees wax, candied figs, goose fat, white summer truffle, butter  baked mushrooms, orange blossom,

Krug: Vintage 2000

[English] Krug ID: 313058. Tasted at Masterclass “Voyages dans l’univers KRUG” Grand Tasting Paris 2015. This review is an “impression”. Made of 42% Pinot Noir, 43% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Meunier. Deep aroma of smoked meat, ginger syrup, candied citrus, quince marmelade, apricot, orange blossom, coffee and lovely roasted hazelnut tones.  There is also a light

Krug: Clos d’Ambonnay 2000

[English] Krug ID: 413063. Tasted at Masterclass “Voyages dans l’univers KRUG” Grand Tasting Paris 2015. This review is an “impression”. Made from 100% pinot noir. Beautiful golden yellow color with an ultra-fine effervescence. In the nose, we get soft yeast, dried rose petals, lavender, dried cherry, orange blossom, candied ginger, mango and tobacco. After some time in the

Krug: Vintage 1989

[English] Deep golden color with amber reflections, very refined and mild effervescence and low viscosity. Rich nose of chestnut puree, marzipan, toffee, dried curacao orange peel, overripe apple, bourbon barrels, Sicilian lemon, straw, ripe wild strawberries, polishing wax, a haze of cooked asparagus, nic-nac biscuits, wheat, cornflower and prunes. After a while came dried apricots and spiciness

Krug: Grande Cuvée

[English] Tasted for my birthday (28 dec. – 26 years).  Blend made in 1987. Light amber color with modest effervescence and notable nice tears. Magistral aroma of roasted nuts, chestnut, summer truffle, toffee, chocolat, caramel, mature yellow fruit, burned honey, brown butter, cognac and wonderful matured yeast tones together with fresh chalky minerality. Lovely smoky

Krug: Grande Cuvée “Richesse”

[English] This wine has been aged for about 10 years after degorgement and contains older reserve wines  than the “normal” Grande Cuvée. The color is beautiful gold with perfect effervescence. Complex aroma of: dried flowers,  smoke, tobacco leaves, radish,  lemon, Granny Smith, chalk, mushroom, bread and wood. After a while, a nebel of peach with

Krug: Vintage 1998

[English] Golden color with refined effervescence. At first the aroma is quite closed, tight.  In the scent: lemon, Granny Smith apple, walnut, toasted wood minerals (iron, chalk).  Secundary aroma of earthtones and mushroom. After a while the wine started to open up an we sensed pronounced yellow fruit and marzipan.  The texture is very fresh.

Krug: Vintage 2000

[English] Lovely golden color with refined effervescence. Aroma of unripe apricot, Reinette apple, almond, Tillia blossom, chalk and metal. After a while it opened up and showed some coffee and slightly toasted wood. The taste is mineral with Reinette apple, quince and citrus fruits on the background. The medium long aftertaste is dry and refreshing

Krug: Clos du Mesnil 2000

[English] Made of 100% Chardonnay from single walled parcel: “Clos du Mesnil”. Beautiful yellow golden color with refined effervescence. This wine smells very young, mineralic and quite acidic. In the aroma: unripe lemon, quince and slightly floral (jasmine). After a while I sensed fresh almond and some smokey tones. The attack is fresh, the taste

Krug: Grande Cuvée

[English] Degorgement date unknown. Made with 50% Pinot Noir, 15% Pinot Meunier and 35% Chardonnay. Nice golden color with not a lot of bubbles. Very full, interesting scent of citrus fruit, mint, peer and yeast. After a while I smell mushroom and coconut. The taste is very fresh with mainly citrus fruit but also bitter