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Henriot: Enchanteleurs 2000

[English] Made of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. Intense yellow golden color with a soft effervescence and beautiful tears in the glass. In the nose, we get at first oyster and nuts followed by Perigord truffle, rye, blueberry, new leather, shortcrust pastry, brown sugar, wax, popcorn, veal stock, sake and a hint of Macvin
Rating category: 90-95

Henriot: Millésime 2006

[English] Lovely yellow golden color with a refined effervescence and an elegant mousse in the glass. In the nose, we get brioche, orange peel, cloves, orange blossom, puffed wheat with honey, quatre quarts cake, raisins, nougat, pear, prune, hazelnut and Café Noir biscuits. The mouthfeel is soft and unctuous. On the palate we have pear,
Rating category: 80-89

Henriot: Rosé Millésime 2008

[English] Lovely partridge eye color with an orange hue, a refined effervescence and a soft mousse in glas. Smoky nose of rose hip, peach, brioche, quince, foie gras, currant, wax and Marseille soap. I must admit that the aroma reminds me a lot of Charles Heidsieck. The mouthfeel is soft and simple, but lacks dynamics.
Rating category: 80-89

Henriot: Rosé Millésime 1989 Magnum

[English] Beautiful copper orange color with fine bubbles and fine mousse in the glass. On the nose, we get Bulgarian roses, hibiscus, candy, plum, guava and rum raisin with a tip of unexpectedly young citrus tones. After a while there came a gentle touch of leather infused with forest berries. The mouthfeel is totally perfect with
Rating category: 90-95

Henriot: cuvée des Enchanteleurs 1989

[English] Beautiful mature golden color with very fine bubbles. Intense aroma of Café Noir biscuits, roasted sweet lemon, fresh sliced ​​mushrooms with earth, dried yellow fruit, light oxalic acidity, smoke and citrus. Unctuous mouthfeel with great body. On the palate we get candied fruit (reminiscent of Turkish delight), dried Mirabelle, tamarind paste and roasted-salted pecans, tangerine
Rating category: 90-95

Henriot: Cuvée des Enchanteleurs 1990 Magnum

[English] Made of 43% Pinot Noir and 57% Chardonnay. Light golden color with very fine bubbles and fine mousse. The color shows little evolution. First nose of chalk, young citrus and vanilla followed by fried mushroom, earth, biscuits, baked apple, butter candy, marzipan, toast and light mature yeast tones. Solid attack followed by a creamy mouthfeel. In
Rating category: 90-95

Henriot: Millésime 2005

[English] Made of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay. Lovely yellow golden color with refined sparkle. Dosage of 10 gr/l. In the nose: delicious freshly baked croissants, almond cake, mirabel, fresh citrus, pear, smoke and chalk. Secundary aromas of lemon grass and musk. The mouthfeel is slight creamy with just enough body. On the palate:
Rating category: 80-89

Henriot: Cuvée des Enchanteleurs 1998

[English] Made of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay. Pale golden color with refined effervescent. In the scent: cooked pear, apple, yeast, hazelnut, honey, smoke, toast and a bit of leather. Fresh attack followed by a lovely silky texture. On the palate: Boskoop apple, cooked pear, candied fig, ripe peach, tart, toast, smoke and lovely
Rating category: 90-95

Henriot: Blanc Souverain

[English] Drunk in August 2010. Made of 100% Chardonnay. Light golden color with quite turbulent but small bubbles. Elegant scent of white flowers, apple, lemon, bakery yeast, sea salt, autolytic and wet crushed rocks. The texture is surprisingly creamy. I taste again apple, minerals, a little bit durondeau pears, and almonds. It’s not well balanced.
Rating category: 80-89

Henriot: Brut Souverain

Will be reviewed again due to bad bottle.   Gedronken in April 2010. Gemaakt van 55% Pinot Noir en 45% Chardonnay. Lichtgouden kleur met vrij grote, agressieve parels die al snel verdwijnen in het glas. In de geur: camembert,rode appel, brioche, toast, kalk en zwavel. Ik proef vooral overrijpe appelen met schil zoals in een
Rating category: