Category: Delalot, Eliane

Delalot, Eliane: Pleiades

Dosage 4g/l. Yellow golden color with a refined effervescence and nice tears on the glass. Very complex aroma of ash, pumpkin, nettle cheese, goat, courgette flower, verbena and a light medicinal haze of anesthetic diethyl ether. After some time in the glass it showed candied citrus, honeysuckle, christmas pudding, café noirs biscuits, resin and something
Rating category: 80-89

Delalot, Eliane: Les Dionysiaques

Straw color with a refined effervescence and soft mousse in the glass. Soft and seductive nose of vine peach, mild yeasts, pear, honeysuckle, starfruit, mirabel plum, almond and cherry blossom, rye bread, a dot of mango and a light medicinal overtone. The mouthfeel is soft and creamy. You get a sweet attack of persimmon followed
Rating category: 80-89