Category: Chevreux-Bournazel

Chevreux-Bournazel: Le Boucq 2013

Made of Pinot Meunier vinified on Burgundy barrels. Lovely patinated gold color with red reflections and a soft effervescence.   Lovely fruity nose of peach, pineapple, fig and mild pastry notes with delicious overtones of lychee and maraschino. Riesling petroleum, pear, English licorice candy, chalk and pecorino. The wood is beautifully integrated, lightly smoked and

Chevreux-Bournazel: La Parcelle 2014

Made of Pinot Meunier vinified on Bordeaux barrels. Straw color with a mild effervescence and a nice mousse in the glass. On the nose you get ginger powder, chichory root, blueberry, tamarillo cherry, dried banana, yellow raisin, madeleine biscuits a hint of fresh oregano and aloë vera.  There is an alcohol touch of something reminiscent

Chevreux-Bournazel: La Parcelle Non Dosé 2013

[English] Nice straw color with very fine bubbles and a lot of mousse in the glass. Made from 100% pinot meunier. In the first nose, we get a lot of yeast and lemon but this wine clearly needed a lot of air. After swirling the wine, we get star fruit, yuzu, turmeric, ginger, rose, cranberry, fennel

Chevreux-Bournazel: La Parcelle 2012

[English] Made from 100% Pinot Meunier. No dosage. Lovely yellow straw color with a very refined effervescence and nice tears in the glass. In the nose, we get ginger, turmeric, licorice, yuzu, pear, rosehip, nougat and eucalyptus. After swirling the glass, we get Mirabelle plum, blood orange, mango, acacia honey, a slight lactic tone of