Category: Redon, Adrien

Redon, Fabien: Un R de Rien

[English] Made from 100% chardonnay. No dosage. Light golden color with fine bubbles and an elegant mousse in the glass. In the nose, we get butterscotch, cocoa, plum, red apple, rue, sage mint, a hint of banana and a haze of young cognac. The mouthfeel is slight vinous but does not have the body you
Rating category: 66-79

Redon, Adrien: Le Grand R

[English] Made of 50% chardonnay and 50% pinot noir. Beautiful light golden color with fine bubbles and beautiful tears in the glass. Seductive nose of butter, baker’s yeast, red apple, baked pineapple, mandarin, blackberry, cassis, a hint of banana and  ground chichory root. After a longer while in the glass we get beautiful wood tones
Rating category: 80-89