Category: De Lozey

De Lozey: millésime 1999

[English] Intense yellow golden color with very fine bubbles and lovely tears in the glass. Seductive aroma of brioche, strawberry, cherry, toast, pineapple, flower honey, fine yeasts, apple syrup, rhubarb, a tip of Armagnac, sabayon foam, smoked pork and chalk dust. After some time in the glass came from that “Royal Sauternes-like” yellow fruit. The mouthfeel
Rating category: 80-89

De Lozey: millésime 2002

[English] Light golden color with fine bubbles. On the nose we get mango, protein, carpaccio of beef, trout (sludge odor), smoked eel, fine champagne, white flowers and apricot. The mouthfeel is soft but lacks some dynamics.On the palate we get apricot, crème brulée, foie gas, sesame seeds, date, blue berries, pear compote, pure pomegranate and beautiful
Rating category: 66-79

De Lozey: Blanc de Blancs (sous bois)

[English] Made from 100% Chardonnay. Yellow gold color with fine bubbles. Peculiar aroma of cooked strawberry, turkish delight, greasy brioche, fresh artichoke bottom, coca with dark caramel, eucalyptus  and a medicinal tone. After giving some air we got ghee (clarified butter), apple blossoms, wild yeast, rye bread, mild pickles, clover honey, candied onion with cloves, juniper
Rating category: 80-89